The Effect and Importance of the Spanish 15M Movement

An interview with Josep Maria Antentas, Professor of Sociology at the Autonomous University of Barcelona

The movement born on 15 May 2011 marks a turning point in the social history of the Spanish state. Demonstrations over these two months have been genuine founding struggles that have brought the birth of a new stage. The phase dominated by fear and resignation has ended. In the management of the crisis the ruling classes have finally come up against the eruption of the masses, and in particularly daring, combative and striking forms. They will from now on have to deal with an unanticipated and annoying interlocutor. What has happened since 15 M has led to the politicization of society, the opening of new spaces for self-organization and participation, and has been a reaction against apathy and depoliticization.

Read the entire interview here

Read an excerpted version from the P2P Foundation here

The Spanish 15M Movement

Visit the english website derived from the Toma la Plaza movement established on 15 May in Spain.

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